DCC Tips

Clinics presented by Dave Ramirez

Trains by Johnson


Multiple unit (MU) operation (consisting) both permanent and short term (Digitrax method).
A. Short term MU operation for either diesel or steam engines works as follows:
    1. Place lead engine on track in desired direction of travel. Make sure it is in forward control* using the right hand Digitrax control knob.
    2. Place second unit on track and enter into control* with the left hand control knob. Make sure it is running the same direction as the lead unit.
    3. Press the MU button and then the Yes (+) button. Both units will now run together under the control of the right hand knob (the lead unit).
    4. To remove the second unit press MU and then the No (-) button. The 2 units are now under separate control.
    5. If additional units are to be added to the consist, place the additional units one at a time on the track and follow steps 2 and 3 above for each additional unit.
    6. To remove specific units from the consist, enter the number of the consisted -unit with the left hand knob and press MU and then No (-).
    7. This method only is remembered by the current base station. Running on a different layout will require consisting the desired units on that system.
B. Permanent consisting really just means programming two or more units to the same engine number making sure they will run in same direction.


Slot Max means the base unit (DCS150) has no additional memory slots to hold engine numbers. This requires a clean out procedure as follows before entering any new engines numbers:
    1. Put the right hand toggle switch on the DCS150 in the OP (center) position.
    2. Press the SWCH button on your 400 series controller.
    3. Enter 36 on the controller.
    4. Press the C (clock) button.
    5. Reset the toggle on the DCS150 to HO. You will now be able to enter engine numbers.
    6. This problem arises because operators forget to dispatch engines numbers when through operating and eventually the base station memory fills up.
    7. To dispatch an engine:
        a) Make sure the engine control knob is displaying the number of the engine to dispatch.
        b) Hit the DISP key. This completes the process and empties up the memory slot.