Notes on Module Construction


1. Leg hinges are 1.25" wide leaf type mounted on the inside away from the ends. Legs must be flush against the end boards when extended. The legs should be mounted on 3/8 “ or ˝" plywood mounting blocks using 3/4" screws for additional strength. Leg hold bolts must be counter sunk below the table end surface and mounted with washers.

* A different mount with1.25" wide half strap or full strap hinges can be used. The hinge is mounted as above with the strap portion on the leg. The 5/16" (or 11/32") bolt hole is drilled from the outside of the end board about 5/8" from the lower edge continuing through the hinge strap. Care should be taken to avoid drilling through the screw holes of the hinge. The tee nut is placed on the outside of and countersunk in the end board. The leg bolts are mounted through the hinge to the tee nut and no washer is needed. If the bolt protrudes beyond the end board, cut the bolt a bit shorter (keep a supply of proper length bolts handy). This system is a bit more convenient when setting up.


2. Alignment bore holes must be exactly vertical to the ends and exactly aligned to the track. This is accomplished with the Club’s alignment template.


3. Eye bolts may be 3/8" for greater strength. Tee nuts for the leg eye bolts should be secured with glue and four 1 1/4" steel pan head metal screws installed around and overlapping the edge of the tee.


4. Height of the table to top of the rails must be 40" ± 1". This requires careful measurement of the thread start point on the eye bolt as well as the thickness of the leg mounting pad, table top, roadbed and track. More than 1" adjustment range is fine.

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