Revised by Action of the Executive Board

April 8, 2010



1. NAME - The organization is known as the Pensacola Model Railroad Club, hereinafter referred to as PMRC or the Club.

2. PURPOSE - To promote interest in model railroading and all aspects related thereto, and provide a social environment for Club members and their families to enjoy the hobby.

3. AREA OF OPERATION - The territory served by the Club is Pensacola, Florida, and is to include Lower Alabama, and all areas known as the Florida Panhandle.

4. CLUB PROPERTY - Any property, item(s), documents or object(s) purchased with Club funds, donated to the Club as a whole, manufactured by the Club or for the Club by a separate agency, or placed under the temporary custody of the Club is considered to be Club property and shall be safeguarded as such.




When PMRC is comprised of multiple Divisions, the General Organization shall be governed by an Executive Board of Directors.

a. COMPOSITION - The Executive Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the several Divisions and shall be chaired by the president of one of these Divisions. The chairmanship and vice-chairmanship shall be rotated among the Division Presidents so that no Division President serves in these posts in consecutive years.


a) Shall maintain minutes of Executive Board meetings.

b) Conduct correspondence on behalf of PMRC as a whole.

c) Maintain a master list of active PMRC members.

d) Notify Division Secretaries of Executive Board Directives and special meetings as necessary.


a) Shall determine PMRC general expense requirements due from each Division.

b) Notify the Division Treasurers of these requirements and oversee their collection and disbursement.

b. EXECUTIVE BOARD DUTIES - The PMRC Executive Board of Directors shall maintain inter- Divisional compatibility and coordination, and address issues that effect PMRC as a whole. The Executive Board is empowered to appoint PMRC volunteer members to form committees as needed to assist in these efforts.

1) COMPATIBILITY - PMRC emblems, advertisements, literature, etcetera shall be standardized as much as practicable while allowing additional notations to distinguish Division identities.

2) COORDINATION - PMRC Executive Board of Directors shall coordinate Club-wide meetings, displays and all event participation issues in a manner that ensures maximum possible benefit and minimum hardship when multiple Divisions participate in an event. For a Club-wide event (ie. Train show), the board will create a committee of the several Divisions. Requests for specific numbers of committee members from each Division will be determined by the Board and filled by the Divisions. Thereafter the committee shall operate on its own. The chairman of the committee will be determined by the committee.

c. EXECUTIVE BOARD DIRECTIVES - PMRC Executive Board directives that effect PMRC as a whole must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board, posted and available to all PMRC members for review, and approved by a majority vote of the several Divisions members.

                   d. EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS - PMRC Executive Board meetings shall be conducted at least once a year at a time and place to ensure the maximum participation of Executive Board members. Every effort shall         be made to accommodate Division Presidents requests for special meetings whenever such a need arises.

2. DIVISIONS - Pensacola Model Railroad Club shall be composed of separate Divisions which shall be distinguished by the scale of equipment operated by each Division. Each Division shall organize its stand alone activities as its members decide, provided that PMRCs constitution and general operating rules are not violated.

a. DIVISION BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Each Divisions board shall be composed of active members of that Division elected into an office by a majority vote to conduct the day to day administrative requirements of the Division.

1) The Division Board of Directors shall consist of the following officers:

a) President

b) Vice-president

c) Treasurer

d) Secretary

2) The Division Board of Directors holds all Division property, money and control documents in trust for its members. The Division Board is authorized to act in all administrative matters herein provided.

3) In the event any position on the Division Board is vacated, board members will appoint a temporary replacement. Confirmation of the appointment must be made by a majority of all active members at the next regularly scheduled business meeting. The appointee shall hold office for the remainder of the election year.

4) An officer may be removed from office upon written petition submitted to the Division Board with the signatures of two-thirds of the active Division members.

5) No officer may hold two positions simultaneously on a Division Board.

6) No officer may receive any compensation or gratuity for services rendered for and to the Division.



a) Will be the Chairman of the Division Board of Directors.

b) Will preside at all business meetings, activities and functions.

c) Will establish Division committees as deemed necessary.


a) Is the aid and assistant to the Division President.

b) In the absence of the Division President , will assume all duties and responsibilities of the Division President.


a) Is responsible for and will safeguard the records and documents of the Division.

b) Will keep the Division roster and will issue and update at each monthly Division business meeting.

c) Will maintain a Division history.

d) Will handle incoming and outgoing correspondence for the Division except for routine financial transactions.

e) Will keep the Division members informed of any changes to Club or Division meetings, activities or ventures.

f) Will keep the minutes of all formal Division meetings.


a) Will conduct all financial transactions for the Division and will safeguard all Division monies.

b) Cannot combine funds for any other type of employment or organization with the Division treasury.

c) Is authorized to disburse funds for routine and recurring payment of rent, utilities, insurance, subscriptions, supplies, fees and charges without prior notification or approval by the active Division membership assuming no significant increases. If such increases occur, the Division President will call an immediate special business meeting to discuss and vote on the matter before payment can be made.

d) Will keep accurate records of all financial transactions and submit a financial report to the Division members at each business meeting.  The records are subject to audit at any time and will be audited annually by the newly elected Treasurer prior to assuming office.

The financial report will consist of :

(1) Last end-of-the-month balance.

(2) Expenditures.

(3) Donations taken in.

(4) Monies paid out other than normal expenditures.

(5) Status on fund raisers.

(6) Balance to date.

c. MINIMUM MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS - The minimum requirement for establishment and maintenance of a PMRC Division shall be four active members to ensure that each Division office will be filled.

d. DIVISION MEMBERSHIP - Each PMRC member shall have full equipment and voting rights in all PMRC Divisions to which that member pays dues. Members may join as many Divisions as desired but may serve as an officer in only one. Unlimited visitor rights shall be granted to all active PMRC members to all Divisions provided there is adequate space.

1) DEFINITION OF MEMBERSHIP - Membership defines the relationship of an individual to the Pensacola Model Railroad Club. Membership is open to anyone with a sincere interest in all aspects of model railroading. Membership will not be denied on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, creed political conviction or place of national origin. Membership applies to immediate (dependant0 family members, but only one vote per family will be accepted. Member categories are divided as follows:

a) ACTIVE MEMBERS - Active members are defined as eighteen or more years old and voted in by majority vote at an official meeting. Active members must not be more than three months in arrears of dues. Active members of the Division have the following rights and responsibilities:

(1) The right to vote on all Division matters.

(2) The right to hold office.

(3) The right to attend and participate in all Division meetings and functions.

(4) The right to use Division owned layouts, modules and equipment at any time.

(5) The right to chair committees.

(6) The right and obligation to direct the ejection of any person or group of persons deemed detrimental to the safety and order of the clubhouse, meeting areas, members, visitors or guests.

(7) The responsibility for maintaining good order of all Division property.

(8) The responsibility to uphold the highest standards of model railroading.

b) JUNIOR MEMBERS - Junior members, ten through seventeen years of age or attending college, must be sponsored by an active member parent or by another active member willing to act as sponsor. Junior members must be accompanied by their sponsor at all Division functions. The sponsor is liable for all actions, behavior and safety of the junior member at all Club activities. Junior members do not have the right to vote, hold office, chair committees or have unsupervised access to Division property. Junior members cannot be sponsors . Any junior member that is not a dependant of an active member will pay 1/2 the current dues rate.

c) PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS - Defined as persons that are recognized as seeking membership status. Prospective members will be assigned a sponsor. Prospective members can attend two Division meetings without obligation. Prospective members must, prior to acceptance, define the Division to which membership is desired.  Membership in more than one Division is authorized, but dues and other obligations are due each Division in turn.

d) MEMBERS IN ABSENCE - Defined as members in good standing requesting an indefinite leave of absence. Inactive periods will be no less than 30 days. Members in Absence waive all members rights as stated in ACTIVE MEMBERS until reinstated. Active member status may be reinstated immediately by paying the current months dues. No vote is required.

e) INACTIVE MEMBERS - Defined as members more than three months in arrears of dues. All member rights as stated in ACTIVE MEMBERS are revoked. Reinstatement to active membership status is granted by full payment of two (2) months plus the current months dues (three months total).

f) HONORARY MEMBERS - Honorary membership in the Division may be granted by a majority vote of all active members. No initiation fees or monthly dues are required . Honorary members do not have the right to vote, hold office or unrestricted Division property access.


a) NEW MEMBERSHIP - Prospective members may obtain membership within the following guidelines:

(1) Must attend a minimum of two regular Club meetings with sponsor without obligation. At the third meeting, the Prospective Member will request membership.

(2) Approval by a majority vote of active members present is required. If accepted, the member will pay that months dues and fees.

(3) A new member will enter a probationary period of one month where all rights can be exercised with exception of unsupervised access to Division property. The probationary period is lifted when the second months dues are paid.

b) VISITORS AND GUESTS - Defined as persons not associated to the Division in any way.

(1) Visitors and guests to Division meetings are always welcome. All members present hold joint responsibility for visitor control and safety.

(2) Visitors and guests cannot participate in any Club function such as auctions, sales or operation of layouts at shows or any activities under the jurisdiction of the Pensacola model railroad Club or use any Club properties without the majority approval of members present at that time.

e. DIVISION DUES - Each PMRC Division shall have sole authority over the amount, collection and               disbursement of its dues by its individual treasury. Each Division shall set its minimum dues at a rate required to meet its obligations to pay PMRC general Club expenses.

1) DIVISION FEES - Defined as costs over and above normal dues that can be incurred by a membera) EVENT FEE - Fee incurred by members to cover costs or partial costs that cannot be covered by the Division treasury for participation in an event.

b) REINSTATEMENT FEE - Fee incurred by inactive members for reinstatement to active member status. Fee is equal to the total of two (2) months dues plus the current months dues.

2) DIVISION DUES - Monies paid to the Division monthly for membership to maintain active status.

a) Membership dues will be determined by a majority vote of all Division members in active status. Dues are paid at the first meeting of the month for the following month.

b) Any unpaid dues after 30 days are considered delinquent. The Division Treasurer will notify the member of the delinquency.

f. EVENT PARTICIPATION - Each PMRC Division shall have discretion regarding event participation as decided by a majority vote of its members.

1) EVENT EXPENSES - Event expenses incurred by a participating Division shall by paid by that Division.

2) EVENT INCOME - Income resulting solely from the actions of a participating Division shall be paid to that Division.

g. DIVISION COMMITTEES - A group of members formed to complete a specific task for the Division.

1) Volunteers willing to see a project completed should fill Division committee chairs. Extra time and effort will be expected since this person will be the point of contact for questions internally and externally from the Division.



a) DIVISION REGULAR BUSINESS MEETINGS - Regular Division meeting times       and places will be established by a majority vote of the Division members.

   b) SPECIAL OR URGENT MEETING - Meetings held to complete business when the      regular business meeting will not be timely enough to address a specific issue. Such Division meetings may be required to address issues presented by the PMRC General Organization Board of Directors and /or to present amendments to the Club Constitution.


a) Division business meetings will be conducted in a semi-formal atmosphere with the Division

President presiding. The following items will be discussed at business meetings:

(1) Open meeting with recognition of members.

(2) Reading of minutes from the last meeting.

(3) Financial report.

(4) Discuss the progress of old business.

(5) Introduction of new business.

(6) Committee reports.

(7) Announcements

(8) Introduction and/or voting of proposals.


1) Election of officers will be held annually at the Divisions December business meeting. Self nomination is prohibited.

2) An Elections Chairman may be appointed by the President to accept nominations, prepare an official slate of candidates and conduct the election. The Elections Chairman will receive the votes and announce the results.

3) Nominations will be accepted until one week before the December business meeting. Voting will occur at the December business meeting and results announced at the end of the December business meeting.

4) Absentee ballots may be cast by submitting choices to the Division President or Elections Chairman. Voting by proxy is prohibited.

5) Voting will be by show of hands and tally of absentee ballots or by another member approved method.

6) The term of office will be for one calendar year and will begin on January 1 following the election. In no case will the incoming Division Board of Directors assume office without completing a satisfactory audit of the Divisions record books.

j. SEPARATION OR DISSOLUTION - In the event that a Division of PMRC or any of its members chooses to terminate its association with the PMRC General Organization or cannot maintain the minimum number of members required to remain a Division, all rights to the PMRC name, non-division specific equipment and any other materials directly associated with PMRC shall be forfeited. 



1. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PROPOSALS - Amendments to this PMRC Constitution may be presented and must be posted and available for review by all PMRC members. The amendment shall be forwarded by the Divisions secretary to all other Division secretaries for reading at their next business meeting. If necessary, each Division shall call a special meeting of its members for a reading of such amendments to ensure that all Divisions present the amendment to their members within 30 days of its first introduction.

2. RATIFICATION - Approval by two-thirds of all active members of the several Divisions is required to ratify an amendment to this PMRC constitution.

a. Votes may be cast over a period of one calendar month from introduction at a Divisions business meeting by signifying yea or nay or by email and initialing next to the members name on a roster maintained by the Divisions secretary for this purpose. Votes will be tallied by the secretary, the results announced at the next business meeting and the results will be forwarded to the PMRC Executive Board of Directors.

b. If sufficient votes for approval have not been cast at the end of the allotted time period, the proposed amendment shall be considered dead and may not be reintroduced for a period of six months from that date.